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FixIt "North" /ANDREAS POLITIS AND CO. is a family run company that has been active in the field of reinforced concrete since the 1960s as ‘’Kanaki ConstrAction’’. With state-of-the-art equipment, 4 building cranes and well-trained staff, it has achieved universal recognition in the construction field.

FixIt "North" with low cost construction, in tight time schedules, ensures quality and consistency that lasts for years and is ready to meet any manufacturing challenge. Complexity and manufacturing difficulties are a daily occurrence for our company has successfully met a number of such constructions over the years.

Our company has collaborated with the largest architectural firms such as Dimitrios Agiatratis, I.S.V, Nikos Moustroufis, Dimitrios Rizos, Stelios Vakirtzis, and many more.

Τhe company based in the Attica region, joined the Action "Upgrading of very small & small businesses to develop their capabilities in new markets" with a budget of 310 million Euros. The action aims to improve the quality of the products and services offered or to create new products / services that will meet specific market needs. Also, investment plans may aim to reduce costs or increase the efficiency of operational and production processes and affect all regions of the country. The total investment budget is € 77,192.89, of which public expenditure amounts to € 38,596.45 and is co-financed by Greece and the European Union Regional Development Fund.

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